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The “basic guidelines for corporate activities” of the Vuteq Group also place importance on “contribution to a sustainable society through environmentally conscious activities as a member of ‘global citizen’”. The guidelines also state that as a company living in a global society, we shall respect the cultures and practices of individual countries and regions, and contribute to the development of each region and society through corporate activities rooted in the local community.
Therefore, the Vuteq Group is promoting group-wide social contribution activities and carrying out various activities for the development of local communities.

Local Contribution Activities

The Vuteq Group carrying out regional cleanup activities

Every year the Vuteq Group conducts regional cleanup activities through participation by its employees in each region in order not only to contribute to the beautification of the local environment, but also to raise the environmental awareness of the employees.

  • 清掃活動
  • Cleaning activities
  • 清掃活動
  • Cleaning activities

The Vuteq Group member
“Koto Transport Co., Ltd.”
inviting local residents to its "Thanksgiving Festival"

Koto Transport holds a “Thanksgiving Festival” to express its gratitude to all the local residents, as well as its employees and their families. It also carries out cleaning activities around the company by its employees and their families.

  • 感謝祭の様子
  • State of Thanksgiving
  • 清掃活動
  • Cleaning activities

Recreational activities

Based on the “human-centered” management policy, the Vuteq Group places particular emphasis on communication among employees. We actively encourage in-house events, club activities, and many recreational activities to enable each employee to work happily every day with pleasant colleagues, as well as to further strengthen teamwork.

  • 豊橋工場でのレクリエーション
  • Recreation at Toyohashi Plant
  • 豊田営業所でのレクリエーション
  • Bus recreation at Toyota sales office
  • 「ラグビースクラム」ギネス記録に挑戦に参加(豊田スタジアム)
  • Participated in "Rugby Scrum" Guinness Record Challenge (Toyota Stadium)
  • ソフトボール大会
  • Softball Tournament
  • フットサル大会
  • Soccer Tournament
  • バドミントン大会
  • Badminton Tournament
  • 50周年式典
  • 50th anniversary ceremony
  • 慰安旅行/大宴会
  • Company trip/Large banquet
  • 慰安旅行/パフォーマンス
  • Company trip/Performance