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Our Construction Materials Business is diversified: processing, sales and installation of heat-insulating glass wool for houses; processing and installation of high heat-insulating pair glass for high-rise buildings, etc.; processing and assembly of sash glass for houses; installation of architectural film; interior finish work for large-sized buildings; and design, manufacture and installation of aseismic ceilings.
With regard to the glass installation for high-rise buildings, we have installed the pair glass in the Chubu Centrair International Airport and Tokai Campus of the Nihon Fukushi University. Also, we delivered residential sash glass to major house manufacturers and construction companies. Our quick delivery and fine service taking advantage of our distribution network are highly evaluated by the customers.
In recent years, we have further expanded the business into interior work for large buildings, providing outstanding interior spaces which employ aseismic ceilings with decorative ceiling materials and the plasterboard molding unit "PRZO" for emphasizing the effect of indirect lighting.

Sales of construction equipment insulation

We sell such building materials as heat-insulating glass wool for houses and exterior materials for equipment work to major house manufacturers.

Building material

  • Wholesale and retailing of architectural glass
  • Residential heat-insulating material wrapped with perforated polyethylene
  • Light-weight iron material, ceiling, wall foundation, etc.

Glass wool

  • Glass wool pipe
  • Glass wool roll
  • Glass wool frame
  • Glass wool board
  • Rock wool board
  • Rock wool felt, etc.

Building construction materials

  • Metal jacket
  • Styrol pipe cover
  • Fine cover
  • Styrol elbow cover
  • Elbow cover, etc.


  • Aluminum adhesive tape
  • Thermal insulation adhesive
  • Plastic button washer
  • Mobile supersonic wave welder, etc.

Insulation processing

We process industrial heat-insulating glass wool for major house manufacturers and home electric appliance manufacturers. We can respond to various customer requests, such as irregular shape processing, drilling, cloth application, and waterproof processing of glass wool.

GW deformation processing · GW drilling processing · GW cross paste · waterproof processing

  • We can perform "drilling, cutout processing, irregular shape processing" and "applications of glass cloth, ALK, and ALGC" on industrial heat-insulating materials. We can also process the material to suit customers' machinery.
  • ※ GW stands for glass wool.


  • We can perform sewing of heat-insulating materials, providing products that match various shapes by means of our advanced sewing techniques.

Glass processing and construction for large buildings and houses

Glass construction such as high-rise buildings

  • Construction of glass at Chubu International Airport (Centrair)
  • We process and install glass for office buildings, condominiums, public facilities, airports, etc. In collaboration with construction companies, we examine, design, and install a wide variety of glass such as curtain wall, façade, canopy, and glass handrails, as well as large-scale and special glass.

Sash glass processing, assembly, film construction

  • Construction of sash glass processing and construction film for housing
  • We process and assemble pair glass for major house manufacturers, and also install films that meet their intended use, such as protection from earthquakes and typhoons, disaster prevention, security measures, energy saving, heat protection, decoration, and blinding.

Housing sash glass assembly

Sash glass assembly process

Building materials assembly for housing

Entrance door assembly process

Stair material assembly process

Interior work / large building ceiling construction

Interior work

  • Decorative ceiling construction with plaster board molding unit "PRZO"
  • The plaster board molding unit "PRZO" enables us to create various kinds of interiors that can bring about beautiful and functional indoor spaces, including those allowing indirect lighting to be used extensively, providing soundproofing and acoustic effects (for movie theaters, etc.), or enabling energy saving and office automation.

Seismic ceiling construction

  • Construction of earthquake-resistant ceilings
  • A new earthquake-proof glass-wool ceiling made by ATS method has been installed in 105 facilities nationwide. The facilities that have adopted it include the general gymnasiums, schools, and other public facilities, where it is highly regarded for reliable quality and excellent construction technique.

ATS method makeup glass wool new antiseismic system ceiling

To protect irreplaceable lives from earthquakes

■Features of ATS construction method
[1] With the light and soft glass wool veneer used on the ceiling board, the ceiling members are very light (3.6 kg/㎡ or less).
[2] The new ATS-based antiseismic system ceiling enables the ATS main bar to prevent the ceiling board from rising.
[3] The ATS crossbar also has a wide H-shape on the back side, and the main bar back is engaged with the cross bar back and directly fixed with screws, so it is overwhelmingly stronger than conventional fixing methods using angle plate, etc.
[4] In addition, as the ATS crossbar is fixed with screws with the ceiling board uplift prevention frame at the center of the grid, falling of the crossbar can be prevented, and the surface rigidity of the grid has been dramatically increased. It is a new type of antiseismic system ceiling.
■Features of “Luxalon® 300C Swim” antiseismic system ceiling
[1] Despite being made of metal, this ceiling weighs as little as 5.4 kg/㎡.
[2] The ceiling is excellent in heat and noise insulation.
[3] The rigid stringer structure does not allow ceiling members to come off.
[4] The colored aluminum provides excellent appearance, allowing for other applications than swimming pools.

Ceiling construction results

  • Aoyama Memorial Martial Arts Hall (Aichi Prefecture)
  • Handa City Gymnasium (Aichi Prefecture)
  • Kofu City General Citizen Center (Yamanashi Prefecture)
  • Ajinomoto National Training Center (Tokyo)

Interior work results

  • Higashiiwami condominium
  • Ichikawa Condominium
  • Funabashi Logistics warehouse
  • Louver mock up