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The Glass Products business, which is the core business of the Vuteq Group, was inaugurated about 50 years ago and has been acting as a catalyst for our growth. Glass assemblies that are made through various kinds of processing and assembling work according to a wide variety of applications, such as automotive products, industrial products and housing, are required to have high levels of completeness, accuracy, and precision. For over 50 years, the Vuteq Group has cultivated its technical skills and accumulated its own know-how in pursuit of more efficient production, resulting in the establishment of the Vuteq brand.
Now, in the field of automotive glass assembly, we have grown to become the world leader.


For the automotive glass

For the automotive glass, we produce almost all glass assemblies, including front window, roof, front door, rear door, side window, rear window and extra window. At our 12 domestic production bases and overseas bases, we have contributed to the customers' productivity increase by delivering high value-added products requested by individual automobile manufacturers on a just-in-time basis strictly according to each factory's production line schedule.
We also formulate and propose assembly specifications and production preparation plans in accordance with individual customer's design requirements and new car development plan, and support the quality assurance in the automobile production through a fully integrated system from design to delivery.

An glass assembly is

An assembly is a component in which two or more parts are combined and assembled.
Attaching those parts (having individual functions) to automotive glass is called “glass assembly” work, which requires high levels of accuracy.
With our high levels of technology backed by 50 years of experience and achievements, the Vuteq is now supporting the automotive industry.

〈Main assembly parts〉

〈Front window〉

: A part for preventing entry of rainwater
: A part for positioning when the glass is installed in a car body
: A base part for mounting a camera designed to avoid collision and lane departure

〈Rear window〉

: A part for preventing entry of rainwater
: A part for positioning when the glass is installed in a car body
Functional parts
: Such parts as FM coil, amplifier, and harness for anti-fogging of glass and electrical communication

Glass assembly process

Glass assembly process at overseas bases
(Kentucky factory)
Automatic glass molding process for automobiles(Kariya factory)


Industrial glass

Industrial glass is installed in side windows for Shinkansen trains (bullet trains), cruise trains, etc. Such special glass, which has high safety and strength durable to the speed of 300 km/hour, requires scrupulous attention during processing and assembling, and strict quality inspection is performed before delivery. The reliable Vuteq technology supports the quality of the advanced trains and vehicles.
We also process and manufacture glass cases called “reach-in-door”, which are glass cases for large-sized refrigerators and freezers used in convenience stores and drug stores, and have top market share in the field of reach-in-door cases for major convenience stores in Japan.

Railroad glass assembly process

“reach-in-door” glass assembly process


For house window glass

For house window glass, we process and install pair glass for houses. The pair glass improves hear insulation performance by sandwiching the air layer between two sheets of glass and prevents the occurrence of condensation. Processing of pair glass requires high levels of technology and accuracy, for which the Vuteq Group's know-how accumulated over many years is effectively used. We supply the pair glass to major domestic house manufacturers.

House window glass assembly process