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Aiming to be an indispensable company.

代表取締役社長 柳川信司

President and CEO
Shinji Yanagawa

 Since its establishment in September 1965, the Vuteq Group has grown with an eye on the times and needs of our customers under the slogan of “Developing the Future with Passion and Sincerity”. In 2007, the old company name of Chubu Kogyo was changed to the current VUTEQ Corporation in line with our globalization policy.
 The “Vuteq” is a coined word combining the words “view = see” and “tech = technology”, indicating our wish "to continuously provide customers with reliable technology and quality while carefully watching changes in the times and customer needs".

 Our business consists of a wide variety of activities mainly in six categories: “Glass Products Business” for processing and assembling glass for automobiles, industrial products and housing industries; “Production Contract Business” for undertaking specific processes in customers' factories; “Plastics & Metal Mold Business” for manufacturing interior and exterior automobile parts; “Construction Materials Business” for selling heat-insulating materials for houses and glass sash for high-rise buildings; “Logistics Business” for transporting automobile parts and energy sources such as oil and gas; and “Bus Products Business” for producing interior and exterior bus components. Currently, we are promoting globalization of manufacturing with 18 domestic group companies and 20 overseas bases located in Asia and North, Central, South America.

 In order to pursue and satisfy the needs of our customers, we aim to be in a middle position so-called "2.5th industry" by working on manufacturing (secondary industry) to the extent beyond customer expectations, while maintaining a sense of service industry (tertiary industry). Through both the “manufacturing and service” that can make our customers around the world happy, we will continue to contribute to the global society.

 We will continuously make efforts to be an “indispensable company” fully trusted by our customers.

代表取締役社長 柳川信司

President and CEO Shinji Yanagawa

Corporate philosophy

Developing the Future
with Passion and Sincerity

Based on the founding spirit of “Developing the Future with Passion and Sincerity”,
the Vuteq Group conducts the human-centered and hands-on management,
aiming to be an "indispensable company".

basic guidelines for corporate activities

The Vuteq Group has established the following basic guidelines for corporate activities.

  • 1. We shall comply with all laws applicable to our corporate activities, follow social standards of morals and ethics, and conduct honest corporate activities in accordance with the social code of ethics and integrity.
  • 2. As a company living in a global society, we shall respect the culture and practices of individual countries and regions, and contribute to the development of the local communities through our corporate activities rooted in each region.
  • 3. Based on the mutual trust and responsibility between the management and the employees, we shall give importance to the individual growth and create a good, lively and relaxed corporate culture with good teamwork. Also, we shall secure the workplace safety and health, and promote a stress-free and comfortable environment. In addition, we shall enhance the training and education system to support the growth of our employees.
  • 4. We shall respect human rights and make our workplaces free of discrimination. In addition, we shall not allow for forced labor and child labor, and any violation of human rights.
  • 5. We shall strive to quickly and accurately sense the market and customer needs, and provide superior products and services in terms of quality, price, safety, etc.
  • 6. As a “global citizen”, we shall contribute to the development of a sustainable society through environmentally conscious activities, and as a member of society, we shall build mutual trust and cooperative relationships with business partners, local communities, and all other relevant parties to grow hand-in-hand.