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Overseas network

Having 20 overseas subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, we develop, produce and sell products by taking advantage of respective local characteristics. For the production of plastic parts for automobiles, we are promoting the globalization of manufacturing. Design is performed in Japan; mold production, in China; and product production, in Japan, North America, Thailand, and Indonesia, respectively through unique manufacturing technologies.
In addition, we are spreading the Vuteq technology and philosophy all over the world by inviting and providing overseas staff with training and education programs in Japan and by introducing a human resource development system for management of overseas subsidiaries.


History of global development

The following history indicates how our business has been expanded along with our corporate philosophy.

Penetrated the American market with a Japanese food restaurant and established Vuteq U.S.A (current name) next year

In November 1986, Chubu Trading Inc. was established as a local corporation for starting a Japanese restaurant business in Kentucky, USA, and opened a Japanese restaurant "Tachibana" in Lexington, Kentucky, in November next year. It was well received not only by Japanese people living there, but also by local people. In September of the same year, Vuteq Corporation was established as a local subsidiary in the United States, to start our main business of supplying door glass and sunroof subassemblies to Toyota Motor's local plant. Since then, the number of our plants has increased in the United States, and now we are doing that business in five states.

Penetrated the Canadian market

In July 1988, Vuteq Canada Inc. was established as a local subsidiary in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada to conduct the business of supplying glass subassemblies to CAMI, a joint venture between Suzuki Motor Corporation and General Motors. Later, the company also accepted a contract to manufacture door trims for Toyota and started making resin molded products. The factory has been expanded to have more than 1,000 employees and grown to be the representative factory of the Vuteq Group.

Penetrated the Southeast Asian market

In January 1995, Vuteq Thai Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary in Thailand to start producing packaging materials, equipment, and transportation devices for local factories. After solidifying a base, we established Vuteq Asia Co., Ltd in November 1996. The company was a joint venture among Mitsubishi Corporation, Tri Petch Isuzu (local company) and Vuteq to serve as a base for business development in Southeast Asia, and started receiving and delivering knockdown production parts and subassembling tires in 1997. In October 1997, we entered Indonesia and inaugurated PT. Cipta Inc. as a joint venture with Yura Kaiun Co., Ltd., and made a service contract with Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. to conduct in-factory work and transportation.

Penetrated the South American market starting in Argentina

A local subsidiary Vuteq Argentina S.R.L. was established in Argentina in May 2006, and its operation was inaugurated in January 2007. A large plant (about 4,825 m2) was built in a 49,590-m2 area adjacent to Toyota Argentina's plant outside Zarate, located north of Buenos Aires, where resin molding for Toyota Hilux and SUVs (over fenders, instrument panels, quarter trim, etc.) was started. It was the first entry into the South American market, with the next step to Brazil in mind.

Started full-scale operation in Brazil

A local subsidiary Vuteq do Brasil Ltda. was established in May 2012 in Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The full-scale operation was started in February 2014 for glass subassembling work for Corolla produced by Toyota Brazil. Later, production of resin molded parts was also started.

Started operation in Mexico

In September 2012, Vuteq Industries Mexico, C.V., was established as a local subsidiary, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, for forming door trims to be delivered to General Motors Mexico. The operation in San Luis Potosi was started in 2015, and in 2016 the second plant inaugurated operation in Ramos Arizpe. In addition, operation of the third plant in Guanajuato is also planned in the future.

Currently, we have 27 overseas bases and more than 20 affiliated companies.
We will continue to expand our business by spreading the technology and philosophy of the Vuteq Group to the world.