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Our mission is to dedicate all of our passion towards people's health so that may lead beautiful lives. We believe that being healthy is beauty.
Daily habits such as regular routines, a nutritionally balanced diet, good sleep, and proper exercise make for a healthy life. We believe that nutrition is the most important factor.
Among the superfoods, nutritious and versatile spirulina is an indispensable food in our lives.

Chapter 1

The Sun, Water, CO2, and Spirulina are Blessings of Nature

Commitment to "Safe and Secure Spirulina"

Our spirulina is grown in Kakegawa City, located in Shizuoka Prefecture. This area experiences some of the longest daylight hours in Japan.
Kakegawa's groundwaters is rich in minerals, which provides a very good environment for the growth of spirulina.
Moreover, in terms of quality and purity, we continually ensure all of the staff at Kakegawa Bio Center adhere to these tenets in order to provide safe and secure spirulina for everyone.


Spirulina manufacturing factory-VUTEQ Co., Ltd. Kakegawa Bio Center has acquired ISO22000.
・ Culturing spirulina
・ Design, development and manufacturing of raw spirulina and dried spirulina

We strictly manage our manufucturing methods so that they meet and exceed the strict national inspection standards.

We thoroughly manage cleanliness throughout the production process in order to manufacture high quality spirulina products.
Kakegawa Bio Center

Our safe and secure spirulina is carefully managed and grown in the aquarium located inside of our vinyl house.

Kakegawa is Full of Nature

Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is famous as a tea-producing region.
Not only does this area posses some of the longdaylight hours in Japan, there is also a mineral-rich groundwater source that connects to Mt. Fuji, making it an ideal place for culturing spirulina.

Provided by Kakegawa City

Provided by Kakegawa City

Daylight Hours Data(※)

Kakegawa Bio Center is a facility located near Omaezaki (1st place).

※Reference: Japan Meteorological Agency materials
※Average data for 1981-2010


Chapter 2

The Flow from Culturing to Finished Product at Kakegawa Bio Center


Cultivation begins in a small, sterile flask indoors. In the aquarium the culture gradually increases in size.
After indoor culturing, spirulina grows in our vinyl house by photosynthesizing sunlight in a controlled environment set at an ideal water temperature and pH.



Spirulina grown in the indoor pool is then harvested and transported to the food processing room. After being sterilized by a unique sterilization method, the spirulina is washed.
During washing process, the harvested spirulina is carefully washed by hand to ensure high quality standards.


Packing-Quick Freezing

The washed spirulina is packed with a dedicated filling machine. After packing, we perform an inspection of each individual package using X-ray and metal detector.
Packed spirulina is then deep-frozen at -40℃. The quick freezing method prevents the destruction of the cells.



In addition to the X-ray and metal detector inspection mentioned above, various other inspection are also carried out. First, the product is inspected for bacteria to confirm that it is safe for consumption.
This process is carried out based on our own standards, which both meet and exceed strict national inspection standards.
Products that pass the bacterial test are then inspected for color, odor, and taste, before being delivered to the customer. We continually strive to provide safe, high quality spirulina through our strict inspection methods.



Chapter 3

What is "Spirulina"?

Over 60 types nutrients

Spirulina contains more than 60 types nutrients, including all essential amino acids, plant pigments (chlorophyll, β-carotene, phycocyanin), B vitamins such as vitamin B12,
and the omega fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid.

Spirulina is high in protein

Among the spirulina's nutritional components, protein is the most abundant at a constituent ratio of over 60%.
Most of the human body, including human muscles, organs, skin, hair, and blood, is made of proteins.
If your body lacks protein, your immune system will be weakened and you will get tire easily. Protein is an indispensable nutritional component for human life.

5 Main Nutrients and 3 Plant Pigments

Spirulina contains the five major nutrients that humans need to survive. Spirulina also contains three botanical pigments linked to various health benefits.
In particular, β-carotene is said to be effective against aging and the development of cancer.
※Source Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare e-Health Net


Chapter 4

Useful for Nutrition and Food Supply Issues.

While the population is declining due to the declining birthrate in Japan, in developing countries the population is increasing.
It is said that the food supply-demand balance could be disrupted, and there is potential for a serious meat (protein) shortage to occur by the year 2050.
Protein is a raw material for making cells, enzymes, and hormones in the human body.
Spirulina, which is high in protein, has been evaluated by various international organizations as a potential future source of nutrition.

・FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization): Recommended Spirulina as "the most ideal food resource of the future"
・United Nations・UNICEF: Recommended Spirulina as "Tomorrow's Most Ideal and Most Perfect Food"
・WHO (World Health Organization): Recognized spirulina as "One of the best protein resources of mankind in the 21st century"


Chapter 5


「tabérumo」Plate Type (Frozen Raw Spirulina)

"tabérumo" is deep-frozen at about -40℃ immediately after harvest to preserve the abundant nutrients contained in spirulina.
Raw and fresh "tabérumo" does not have a distinct flavor and can be easily mixed with your favorite drinks such as fruit juice, tea or milk for delicious results.
※"tabérumo" is a registered trademark of Tabérumo Corporation.
※If you are taking the anticoagulant agent "warfarin", please refrain from consuming spirulina.

The「tabérumo」Plate Type (frozen raw spirulina)can be purchased at the Tabérumo online shop.


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