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Our company was established in September, 1965 to provide Toyota Motor Corporation with logistics service in addition to assembly of automotive window frames and glasses. With the slogan, “Opening doors to the future with passion and truth,” we have grown to be a key partner for many of Japan’s leading corporations, working with the Asahi Glass Company and various automobile companies, and with the construction business (Konoike Construction and others), the housing industry (Sekisui Chemical and others), and the fuel industry (Idemitsu Kosan and others).

Since our founding, we have endeavored to serve as an indispensable company to all of our customers, who have prospered with the flourishing of the Japanese automobile industry. Believing above all that people make up the true worth of a company, we have committed ourselves to the development of our workers. With the motto, “Through hard work, we can learn to appreciate the fruits of our labors,” we have succeeded thanks to a focus on our staff and their workplace.

Also, in response to the needs of our customers, we have established nineteen overseas bases of operations in America, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Mongolia and Argentina. Our overseas companies are largely involved in engineering operations, such as assembly process of automobile glasses as well as the production of plastic-mold inspection gauges and a range of interior and exterior automobile parts. With the recent growing focus on cost disparities between Japan and Asian nations, we have been able to achieve unbeatable low-cost performance by integrating production from the die design to the manufacturing of products.

In addition, we operate Japanese-food restaurants, and can offer overseas customers highly detailed services. From now going forward, our Vuteq Group is committed to cultivating an even broader international mindset and viewpoint, and we will respond with flexibility and originality to continuing challenges. Prepared to spare no effort in forging a brighter future, we will strive together to build on our current base and pursue higher value-added opportunities, further strengthen our sales and technological prowess, and pioneer new fields.

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Company Profile Directors
Name Vuteq Corporation
(Brand name: VUTEQ)
Headquarters 9-30-3 Umetsubo-cho, Toyota, Aichi 471-8522
Telephone 0565-31-5521
Inaugurated September 1st, 1964
Established September 1st, 1965
Accounts Settled December
Capital 5,2 billion yen.
(as of June, 2007)
Employees 2,750 (as of June, 2007)
Chairman Akiyuki  Kurahashi
President Kazumasa Watanabe
Vice President Taro Fukuda
Vice President Hisao  Nagahiro
Senior managing Director Tomio  Katsuta
Executive Director Hatsuhiko Inuzuka
Executive Director Shinji Yanagawa
Director Satoru Oshima
Director Yoshinao Hirano
Director Yoshihito Takanobu
Director Haruyuki Sugita
Director Tadahiko Kounoike
Business Characteristics/Recent Achievements
Glass processing, logistics, plastics molding, manufacture and sales of construction materials. ISO14001 certified (November 14th, 2003)
All VUTEQ Group Annual Sales (in millions yen)
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