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Protecting the Environment
Environmental Principle
A company operates within the global environment. It is one of our basic duties to play an active role in protecting the environment.
Vuteq Corporation acts according to this principle, and aims to be a people- and environment-friendly company.
Environmental Policy
(1) Our company’s main business is the production of glass assemblies for automobiles and construction. In our operations, the protection of the global environment will be one of our most important management tasks.

(2) Based on an environment management system, we will define environmental goals and objectives, and will revise these goals as required to achieve ongoing improvements and safeguard against pollution.

(3) We will aim to reduce our environmental load and observe all environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements agreed to by the company.

(4) We will disseminate environmental knowledge to gain the understanding and agreement of all employees and companies located on our premises, and put this environmental policy and environmental management into effect on a daily basis.

(5) This policy shall be made public inside and outside of the company.
Environmental Actions Guideline
(1) Promotion of Energy Conservation
Make an active contribution to the protection of the global environment by promoting the conservation of energy in daily production activities.

(2) Promotion of the Recycling and Reusing of Waste Products
Promote the recycling and reuse of waste products that occur during the manufacturing process, and reduce the total amount of waste produced by the company.

(3) Appropriate Management of Organic Solvents.
Manage the use of organic solvents required in the manufacturing process.
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